3 Mistakes Often Made in Logistics Outsourcing

As much as we would like to believe, we cannot always get what we want. Sometimes, we can lose sight of the fact that when it comes to logistics, there are things we can control and things we cannot. Often, the things we can’t control are beyond our control. Outsourcing is the choice of companies to hire another company to […]

3 Ways to Cut Supply Chain Costs

Supply chain management refers to the process of coordinating the flow of goods from the source to the customer or the end-user. It requires the ability to forecast the various stages of the supply chain accurately and plan for the various contingencies that may occur along the way. This can be done through the use of planning and forecasting tools. […]

How To Set KPIs For A Warehouse

When setting a performance target, it’s important to consider the various KPIs and how they fit together to form a complete set of metrics. A warehouse manager may want to track the number of pallets processed or the amount of product shipped, but these KPIs can be combined with other metrics to provide a holistic picture of a warehouse’s performance. […]