How to Keep Your Business Shipments Safe

How to Keep Your Business Shipments Safe

Shipping logistics can be a money sinkhole for businesses that do not have an efficient process. Any company with inventory needs secure, high-quality logistic solutions to keep their operation profitable. Furthermore, this is why so many businesses that rely on logistics now work with distribution consultants like DMW&H that can provide support with Material Handling Design features and other key elements of the shipping process. Moreover, the safety of shipments is a large part of that. Therefore, today I am going to talk about how to keep your business shipments safe.

Strong Communication Channels with your Warehouse

Fast and effective communication with your warehouse is essential to keeping your shipments safe and delivered quickly. Communication channels should be so effective that it only takes a minute if not seconds to safely package and get items ready to be shipped. Quick and effective shipping helps businesses generate revenue so they can better implement safety features for shipments.

Great communication with the warehouse will help those handling the goods understand what level of care they need to exercise with your items. This kind of information is critical to ensuring that shipments are handled correctly. Especially if your products are fragile. Better communication channels can signal to the warehouse when there could be influxes of traffic going through their warehouse creating a lot of work for the warehouse workers. This can slow down your operation and potentially lead to careless actions from workers because they feel rushed.

Use the Right Technology to Locate items

Thanks to the development of GPS and tracking technologies, it is now easier than ever to keep a track of shipments. This is fantastic news for anyone that wants to know exactly where their cargo is, which most business owners and operators will want to know. With this kind of technology, it will be easier for warehouse staff to find your shipments, reducing the chance of important shipments going missing.

Barcode scanners and wireless scanners alike are great time savers and reduce shrinkage in a warehouse. If you deal with high volumes of shipments then you will understand better, then most how easy it can be to lose track of what is coming and going without the aid of these kinds of technologies. If you do not keep track of everything electronically with barcode scanners then important information about how to handle the cargo could not be communicated, causing potential damage with how it could be handled.

Security is a key concern that can be addressed with the improvements in technology but that does not mean you should not find out as much as you can about your courier services. Request more information about your chosen courier’s security policy, and if any parcels are left unattended throughout the delivery process.

Making the Right Local and International Shipping Connections

Knowing the right people is often half the battle with creating a safe shipping logistics process. It only takes one or two bad apples to throw a major wrench in your operations. This is why building valuable relationships locally and internally with shipment companies is important. You might think to yourself, “but we have only just started out,” but these connections take time to foster. If you have been researching various shipping companies that can also use trucks for transportation, you can check it out over at to see if they may be a good fit for you.

Putting in the effort now to develop those relationships will make it a lot easier to take the international leap. It could be the difference between succeeding and failing in international markets. If you must scramble to find a solid shipment company in an area where demand has skyrocketed for your product you might struggle to find a team capable and willing to help. Building those international relationships with companies like freight forwarder services early on makes the transition into global commerce much smoother.

Ultimately, an efficient shipment operation will save your business so many headaches. Technology aids in making the process less prone to being lost in transit and the right international connections will reduce shrinkage even more. Should you find yourself in the need to expand your fleet once the items are on land, there is recruitment software like Tenstreet available to help you hire truck drivers so they can get the items where they need to be. Working with the right shipment company can make your business logistics significantly more straight forward.