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Key Areas a Business HR Department Should Focus On

Key Areas a Business HR Department Should Focus On

Successful business owners know that their employees are their most important asset. They, therefore, are always keen to have a functional human resource business- a department that works efficiently to keep employees happy and motivated. That, in turn, translates to overall productivity in the workplace.

While many people assume that money is the only necessary motivator, I have noticed that, alone, it doesn’t achieve much. Moreover, there is a limited capacity that any business can have to keep increasing salaries. Through practice, I have noted the following as the key areas that a human resource department should focus on strengthening.

Hiring and Firing

Definitely the most important function of the department. Almost all other activities that the department will undertake revolve around having the best performers in the business workforce. This can be achieved by having a competitive hiring process and a regular evaluation to weed out any characters that may be holding the team back. Carrying out basic checks like a pre employment drug testing in Springfield, MO, or wherever is local to your business, can help you identify the ideal candidate as well as informing you about their general attitude to work. These background tests prove to be essential for a company’s growth and general well-being of your business and to know more about the same, you could look at a helpful site like Checkr!

To hire appropriately, the department needs to be clear on what function it wants its recruits to perform. In many businesses, there is often a duplication of roles or expertise. This results in some tasks, not having people to perform or being done wrongly. Make sure each employee has a clear role and responsibility within the team. Only hire new employees if there is a real gap in the workforce that is beginning to cause productivity issues. If this is the case, make sure to find a reliable candidate. When welcoming a new member of staff, it might be a nice idea to get some custom embroidery products for the employee with the brand logo on. That would make the individual feel a lot more comfortable and welcomed.

Firing is just as important as hiring. When some people are laid off, there is a general feeling of fright among the remaining workers. It makes them feel like they could be next. To avoid this, firing should be done fairly and humanely. Let employees know what is expected of them and what actions could lead to dismissal. Where scaling down is required, it is important to pay any accrued benefits promptly to help the affected workers get on with ease.


Recruitment drives are just occasional, but present workers need to be taken care of as well. The first duty of the HR department is to process payrolls on time. The first comfort most employees get from their jobs is the ability to cater to their needs. Being unable to settle bills while they are still working is the first cause of distress.

In an age where mental health is a major concern the world over, the HR department should be keen to observe the wellness of staff on this front. Most people will not say it outright when they have something troubling them. Keen observation is required to notice any changes in behavior or pain hidden behind smiles. While helping out, the privacy of employees should be respected.


Even when your work is your hobby, routine tasks are always likely to become boring after a while. This is why it is essential to have activities that bring freshness to your workforce. Challenging employees to try out new things is one way to keep them interested. Give them a free hand to use their creativity on projects that you assign them.

Team bonding sessions are always a winner. They are casual settings where employees are likely to make requests or comments that they may find difficult to air at the workplace. It is also an excellent opportunity for colleagues to create a rapport that can transform into a productive working relationship. For bigger situations, like corporate events, you could always hire a motivational speaker (perhaps someone from the world of sport, like the basketball players here to deliver an inspiring speech that makes everyone feel buoyed up and ready to face any challenges that may come their way.


A knife’s functionality is maintained by regular sharpening. Similarly, even the best employees require regular training to keep them growing. Undoubtedly, as an employer, you should encourage your employees to get more skills in areas they are interested in. A balanced approach where the business takes care of some costs of learning is a magic trick to keep them going. Fair promotions for workers who rack up experience and training will also keep your employees desiring to grow.