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The Cosmetics Industry: The Importance of Sustainable Wholesale Packaging

The Cosmetics Industry: The Importance of Sustainable Wholesale Packaging

Whatever industry we are in we should now be looking to make our packaging as sustainable as possible. Sustainable is about not compromising the ability for future generations to be able to meet their basic needs. The way the planet is currently being harmed threatens this. For this reason, we need to look to ways that can help, and sustainable packaging represents one of these.

For those looking for wholesale packaging, Impacked Packaging exists to serve this need. Particularly if you are in the cosmetics industry.

Reusable or Kept

Some packaging can be reused. This can be in its current state or refashioned for a different purpose. For instance, the outer cardboard packaging might be used to package and send another item through the post. The perfume bottle might, once empty, be used to keep something else in. Decorative perfume bottles might make a nice display item. Packaging can be kept from consumables whether luxury or not.

Luxury packaging is more likely kept, though. However, even when it is not luxury and particularly appealing to the eye, we can often find another use for it. This helps the environment when we are finding double uses for objects instead of buying a new product to serve that same purpose.


If you see a certain symbol on the packaging it will indicate that the packaging can be put in the recycle bin as opposed to going into the main rubbish. It is less harmful in terms of pollution for packaging to be recycled rather than something having to be produced from scratch.

The whole principle of recycling is to convert waste materials into new objects or materials. It is about recovering the energy from those products that have already been made. This is particularly useful if depleting resources are being used as energy for manufacture. 

Those purchasing perfume or cosmetic products will want to know that their container can be recycled when they do not plan to keep it for another use. Marketers will play on this fact as one of the selling points to promote their perfume products.


When the outer packaging is discarded, potentially with a less luxury cosmetic because it is just used every day, it is best if it is biodegradable.

The term biodegradable means that the discarded part of the product will not take too much time to break down in terms of its organic matter. This will be into microorganisms, including fungi and bacteria. 

Packaging parts of products capable of breaking down are eco-friendly and so popular with consumers. Wholesalers and retailers know this and will make it clear to consumers on their packaging. There is less guilt now attached to buying a product that will degrade as opposed to one that will end up staying as it is in the ground for years, polluting the environment, or causing distress to wildlife after it is needed.

The biodegradable process is a natural one that happens under certain conditions, where the temperature and humidity is right. Biodegradable plastics will decompose a lot faster than traditional plastics. These conversely can take hundreds of years to finally break down.

The biodegradable option has meant that the cosmetics industry can still use plastics instead of glass in some cases. It is a lighter, less-breakable material, so will be cheaper to send across continents and result in fewer breakages and wastage for all those involved in the supply chain.

The cosmetic industry is embracing sustainability with its packaging just as other industries are doing. Consumers expect it, and so will the wholesalers supplying the retailers. Everyone wants this. We can, together, make it an affordable option and the only option.

Those using a perfume product are already keen to know how their product was made so that it does not contravene their ideals in terms of their environmental beliefs. The packaging element has become as important to people as the contents of their consumable product. There is potential for the packaging to be the problem once the product is used up. We can prevent this by only buying or using sustainable wholesale cosmetic packaging.

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